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Anthony Micallef

Anthony is Novalte's Customer Success Engineer. He enjoys solving accessibility puzzles and has a personal investment in making technology more accessible to everyone. He also enjoys comedy and upping the ante on spicy food from around the globe.
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Getting started with smart home tech

Jun 1, 2021 / by Anthony Micallef

Preparation checklist

Before you start purchasing devices for your smart home, it is important to ensure you have a solid understanding of smart home technology, both in terms of the overall infrastructure and intercommunication of devices, as well as the devices themselves. Here are some things you should always think about before taking the plunge on a smart home control solution.

Topics : Voice Control, Independent Living, Smart technology

Stay Organized with Google Nest Hub

May 5, 2021 / by Anthony Micallef

Staying organized can be tough. It's easy to forget to add something to your grocery list if you don't have a pen and paper handy (or if you can't use one) or to try to remember your next dentist appointment until you get home to your calendar. Luckily, we now have tools on our phones and Smart Assistant-enabled devices like a Google Nest that make it easier to stay organized.

Topics : Voice Control, How-to, Google Speaker

Accessibility and Gaming

Apr 15, 2021 / by Anthony Micallef

Gaming is an ever-growing industry, generating an estimated $77.2  billion in 2020 with 2.6  billion gamers. A 2008 study reported more than  1/5  of all gamers have some form of disability. Although there has been a recent effort to ensure games are more accessible, the disabled gaming community has faced an overall lack of accessibility. Charities such as  AbleGamers have been monumental in improving the quality of gaming for those with disabilities, but it is still important for leaders such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, to drive innovation in the disabled gaming community forward.

Topics : Accessibility & Gaming