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Novalte launches new website

Wednesday, December 23, 2020 2:03 PM / by Novalte

Halifax, NS – Novalte is pleased to announce the launch of their new website. Novalte is inviting visitors to explore the new and fully-responsive website. The site has been created with the user experience in mind, offering improved navigation and functionality with a clean and clear layout, which allows visitors and clients to learn more about our service, success stories, and quick access to our customer support.

Novalte is transforming into a fully managed service company and Novalte’s website launch marks an important milestone in Novalte’s continuous growth and future direction. The new website thoroughly explains our emitto™ managed service and how it empowers Novalte’s clients and optimizes staff time. Visitors can request a demo or easily access our success stories to learn more about how Novalte helps improve the quality of life for both clients and caregivers.

New features include:

  • Helping Hand Bot allows visitors or clients to send their inquiries through a chatbox on the new website, where our Helping Hand Bot will direct them to chat live or book meetings with our specialists, saving their time emailing back and forth to arrange an appointment with us
  • Blog with a Help Center section where clients can find answers to frequently asked questions and new ideas to improve their operations, clients’ quality of life, and staff efficiency. Visitors to the new site can stay informed with the latest Novalte and industry news

Kurt Lee – CEO of Novalte, shared that “We are thrilled to launch the new website. It better represents who we are as a company and it properly aligns with our mission to provide the highest quality managed service possible for our clients”

To learn more about Novalte and emittoTM managed service, please visit www.novalte.ca


About Novalte

Novalte is a Managed Service for Independence. Our mission is to provide the greatest degree of independence for the clients we serve, to remove barriers that impede the full use of the technologies available to them, and to provide vital client information to the entire circle-of-care.

Novalte’s comprehensive service benefits both client and caregiver. Clients are empowered to control their environment with a method that best meets their needs - leveraging the technologies available to them. Staff realize significant time savings by not needing to assist clients with tasks that clients can now do themselves. Caregivers also benefit from Novalte’s continuous data collection and analysis, which provides insights into client-device interactions and device status.

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