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Blog to Independence

Creating Technology for Independence

Jan 15, 2021 / by Anthony Micallef

All technology is assistive by nature, but assistive technology is profound by design. Whether you're using a smartwatch to quickly turn off your lights without having to get out of bed, or using a Google Nest to check the perfect recipe for chewy chocolate chip cookies without getting flour all over the screen, we all know how convenient technology can make our lives. But what if it's the only way to turn your lights on? What if it's not that you're too lazy to get up off the sofa, grab the remote control, and change the channel, but you actually can't switch from the evening news to the last game of the best-of-seven championship any other way?

Topics : Assistive Technology, Independent Living

Novalte launches new website

Dec 23, 2020 / by Novalte

Halifax, NS – Novalte is pleased to announce the launch of their new website. Novalte is inviting visitors to explore the new and fully-responsive website. The site has been created with the user experience in mind, offering improved navigation and functionality with a clean and clear layout, which allows visitors and clients to learn more about our service, success stories, and quick access to our customer support.

Topics : Press Release, Novalte News

Navigating and socializing with friends and loved ones using your phone, hands-free

Nov 4, 2020 / by Novalte

Amid the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), we are asked to #StayHome, practice #SocialDistancing, and keep proper hygiene to slow the spread of it. Keeping ourselves inside the home, avoiding going out to public and holding gatherings could lead to increased anxiety, fear, depression and loneliness. Let’s put ourselves into the shoes of the elderly who are now living in long-term care or assisted-living facilities where visits and social activities are now reduced, life would be more difficult for them. Fortunately, there are new technologies that could enable them to socialize online with friends and family members whilst keeping themselves from touching surfaces. This article will introduce Apple’s newest Voice Control technology that allows everyone who owns an Apple smart device to navigate and use social media by voice commands. It is written in the hope of sharing with you some ideas to help the elderly reach out to their friends and family members and stay positive. 

Topics : Voice Control, Voice Technology