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The Socioeconomic Impact of Assistive Technology

Feb 26, 2021 / by Anthony Micallef

Topics : Assistive Technology

Choosing the right access switch

Jan 19, 2021 / by Anthony Micallef

When navigating assistive technology via an access switch (often referred to as AAC switches), it is important to choose the right switch for the job. Everyone's physical functional ability is different, but fortunately we are presented with a wide array of accessible switches. Whether you need a simple, robust button that can stand the test of time, or an intricate, finely tuned sip-and-puff switch, it all comes down to the user. 
Topics : How-to, Assistive Technology, Accessible Switches

Creating Technology for Independence

Jan 15, 2021 / by Anthony Micallef

All technology is assistive by nature, but assistive technology is profound by design. Whether you're using a smartwatch to quickly turn off your lights without having to get out of bed, or using a Google Nest to check the perfect recipe for chewy chocolate chip cookies without getting flour all over the screen, we all know how convenient technology can make our lives. But what if it's the only way to turn your lights on? What if it's not that you're too lazy to get up off the sofa, grab the remote control, and change the channel, but you actually can't switch from the evening news to the last game of the best-of-seven championship any other way?

Topics : Assistive Technology, Independent Living