Video calling with your Google Nest Hub Max

In a previous blog post, we talked about the importance of technology during times of isolation and loneliness. One great way to leverage technology to empower us to stay connected with family, friends, and loved ones is video calling. Video calling services such as Zoom and Google Meet have risen in popularity since the COVID-19… Continue reading Video calling with your Google Nest Hub Max

Choosing the right AAC switch

When navigating assistive technology via an access switch (often referred to as AAC switches), it is important to choose the right switch for the job. Everyone’s physical functional ability is different, but fortunately, we are presented with a wide array of accessible switches. Whether you need a simple, robust button that can stand the test… Continue reading Choosing the right AAC switch

Creating technology for independence

All technology is assistive by nature, but assistive technology is profound by design. Whether you’re using a smartwatch to quickly turn off your lights without having to get out of bed, or using a Google Nest to check the perfect recipe for chewy chocolate chip cookies without getting flour all over the screen, we all… Continue reading Creating technology for independence