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Stay Organized with Google Nest Hub

May 5, 2021 / by Anthony Micallef

Staying organized can be tough. It's easy to forget to add something to your grocery list if you don't have a pen and paper handy (or if you can't use one) or to try to remember your next dentist appointment until you get home to your calendar. Luckily, we now have tools on our phones and Smart Assistant-enabled devices like a Google Nest that make it easier to stay organized.

Topics : Voice Control, How-to, Google Speaker

Listening to audiobooks using Google Nest

Apr 7, 2021 / by Anthony Micallef

You can listen to audiobooks hands-free using voice commands on your Google Nest speaker or display. This guide goes over how you can find and play audiobooks by voice.

Topics : Knowledge base, Google Speaker

Video Calling with your Google Nest Hub Max

Mar 2, 2021 / by Anthony Micallef

In our previous blog post about technology and social isolation, we talked about the importance of technology during times of isolation and loneliness. One great way to leverage technology to empower us to stay connected with family, friends, and loved ones is video calling. Video calling services such as  Zoom  and  Google  Meet  have risen in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic. However, did you know that if you have a  Google  Nest  Hub  Max  (included by default in all of Novalte's voice packages), you can video call your contacts without lifting a finger? This guide will go through all of the steps to take for you to be set up to start video chatting by voice.

Topics : Independent Living, Google Speaker