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Getting started with smart home tech

Jun 1, 2021 / by Anthony Micallef

Preparation checklist

Before you start purchasing devices for your smart home, it is important to ensure you have a solid understanding of smart home technology, both in terms of the overall infrastructure and intercommunication of devices, as well as the devices themselves. Here are some things you should always think about before taking the plunge on a smart home control solution.

Topics : Voice Control, Independent Living, Smart technology

A Closer Look Into a Care Facility's High-tech Room

May 25, 2021 / by Novalte

Smart home devices provide convenience for people with mobility challenges to live independently, especially for clients of long-term care facilities or at rehab centers. With these devices, they can control their living environment independently. Smart devices enable them to connect with their families, turn on lights, control their TV, adjust their beds and much more. Here are the must-have devices in a high-tech room at a long-term care facility or rehab center.

Topics : Voice Control, Assistive Technology, Independent Living

Stay Organized with Google Nest Hub

May 5, 2021 / by Anthony Micallef

Staying organized can be tough. It's easy to forget to add something to your grocery list if you don't have a pen and paper handy (or if you can't use one) or to try to remember your next dentist appointment until you get home to your calendar. Luckily, we now have tools on our phones and Smart Assistant-enabled devices like a Google Nest that make it easier to stay organized.

Topics : Voice Control, How-to, Google Speaker